Meaning of ball-breaking in English:



(also ball-busting)

See ball-breaker

‘The e-mail she sent you seems rather intrusive, if not ball-busting, but forewarned is forearmed.’
  • ‘It seems that these people are going around trying to create publicity for themselves in the most underhanded, backstabbing, ball-busting ways imaginable.’
  • ‘It's really not all that simple anymore, given the huge strides in gear and ball-busting confidence, particularly among American climbers.’
  • ‘The Astros are like that friend of yours who has dated the same terrible, screechy, ball-busting woman for years as she's gotten fatter and angrier.’
  • ‘Anyway, I have always found myself drawn to ball-busting chicks.’
  • ‘You train hard with heavy weights, maxing out on every ball-busting set.’
  • ‘This time, though, Pacino's skill gives Dormer an equal balance of self-doubt and ball-busting.’
  • ‘She is patronising and ruthless, and sometimes naive, but there are some heart-breaking domestic moments that precede and inform her ball-breaking office persona.’
  • ‘But it is precisely that wonky smile, lugubrious air and bitter chocolate voice that pierces the hearts of the toughest ball-breaking women of my acquaintance.’
  • ‘Peet, meanwhile, is a steely-eyed witchy woman with cleavage-revealing tops and ball-breaking kung fu moves.’
  • ‘How exactly is she going to wrap those gossamer vocals round this ball-breaking pop anthem for 1980's working women?’