Meaning of ball-tearer in English:



informal Australian
  • Something outstanding of its kind.

    • ‘From a lacklustre entry with too few titles to some absolute ball-tearers out now, things just keep getting better.’
    • ‘It's all ball-tearer stuff, easy to use and effective.’
    • ‘For the third time in a row, the Swans and Eagles produced a low-scoring but veritable ball-tearer of a match.’
    • ‘This is a brilliant, ball-tearer of an album - undoubtedly one of the best domestic releases of recent years and one that anoints Jeff as a guitarist-singer-songwriter of the very highest caliber.’
    • ‘Would those whingers who demanded their money back after the admittedly pathetic Australia Day cricket match at Adelaide Oval have volunteered to pay extra had the game been a ball-tearer?’