Meaning of ball clay in English:

ball clay


mass noun
  • A fine-textured clay used in the manufacture of ceramics.

    ‘I work with a low-fire clay body consisting of ball clay, talc and bentonite.’
    • ‘Experienced technicians can pinpoint with great accuracy different types of ball clay within each pit.’
    • ‘If a light firing ball clay composition is required, use Starcast with perhaps some Foundry Hill Creme.’
    • ‘Extraction continues today at 6 quarries in Purbeck and the ball clay is processed at Furzebrook.’
    • ‘By 1979, the ball clay industry was producing over 900,000 tons annually for industrial users worldwide.’
    • ‘These categories are ball clay, bentonite, common clay, fire clay, fuller's earth, and kaolin.’
    • ‘I have a temmoku recipe that calls for dark ball clay, and we have none in our classroom supplies.’
    • ‘The wide use of ball clay is mainly due to its contribution of workability, plasticity and strength to the bodies in drying.’