Meaning of ballad-monger in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbalədˌmʌŋɡə/


archaic, mainly derogatory
  • A composer or seller of ballads.

    ‘ballad-mongers who plied their pens to eke out a living’
    • ‘Lord Byron's first attack on the "ballad-monger" Southey did not prevent them from meeting on friendly terms.’
    • ‘During the early modern period, ballad-mongers and ballad-writers were classified along with actors, beggars, and street peddlers as vagabonds.’
    • ‘Maidenly honour is tricked into a fatal moment of weakness which the ballad-monger, as though with a sly wink, seems actually to condone.’
    • ‘The Rogue would put his hand to anything, picking the pockets of poor fools like Perdita's brother, turning ballad-monger or pedlar or pilferer as occasion served.’
    • ‘The Robin Hood created by the ballad-mongers was an adaptation of the medieval outlaw figure to conform to the general conventions of the street ballad.’
    • ‘As the profession of bard declined, that of the ballad-monger took its place.’
    poet, versifier, verse-maker, rhymester, rhymer, sonneteer, lyricist, lyrist, elegist