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Pronunciation /ˌbaləˈdɪə/

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  • A singer or composer of ballads.

    ‘Songdog's delivery of music and lyric is reminiscent of the old-school '70s singer/songwriter balladeers such as Nick Drake, Jim Croce and at times, Tom Waits.’
    • ‘Crooners, balladeers, torch singers - they are all here on this triple CD.’
    • ‘From chamber choirs to traditional balladeers, Newfoundland musicians are confidently rooted in local culture’
    • ‘To remedy that, and give one last nod to summer, here's one of Gershwin's most famous songs, recorded by crooners and rockers, rappers and balladeers: Summertime.’
    • ‘Folky guitar strummers, pop balladeers and jazz groups still prefer quiet, seated audiences.’
    • ‘The magazine is also where he found his peculiar romantic voice, bittersweet and darkly amusing, like a balladeer serenading a wall.’
    • ‘It contrasts Cash, frail and grey, with Cash the gunslinger, the prison poet, the railroad balladeer.’
    • ‘Other musical events will include crossroads dancing and a concert by the very popular balladeers Celtic Clan.’
    • ‘But right now he needs to decide whether he wants to be a balladeer or a singing anatomist.’
    • ‘Their music is recognised worldwide and their talent as balladeers is limitless.’
    • ‘Stoll is a supple balladeer whose raw vocal wanderings set against harmonic guitar-strummings make great theme music for your introspective mood.’
    • ‘The self titled album contained a selection of twelve songs which eschewed the power and fury of traditional Irish balladeers for a more gentle, haunting and delicate style.’
    • ‘I despised my father's groaning old balladeers.’
    • ‘Kind of, but I've become more sensitive to the balladeers, really.’
    • ‘The balladeer, who connects and comments on the show's segments, ‘is the only voice of reason to the eyes of the audience.’’
    • ‘And it's also the birthplace of Banjo Paterson - a balladeer with a romantic inclination when it came to immortalising the bush and its inhabitants.’
    • ‘The balladeer's 1999 announcement that he would never tour again because of heart problems was premature, as last year's album Live at Vicar Street proved.’
    • ‘It is something that the balladeer likes to refer to as his ‘music-documentary.’’
    • ‘Even Homer, the balladeer, was a Turk, living most of his life in Izmir (Smyrna).’
    poet, versifier, verse-maker, rhymester, rhymer, sonneteer, lyricist, lyrist, elegist