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Pronunciation /ˈbalədri/

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mass noun
  • 1Ballads collectively.

    ‘a send-up of movie love balladry’
    • ‘Seiffert's free verse is not as good as her debonair balladry, nor are the poems of Elijah Hay equal to those of Emanuel Morgan or Anne Knish.’
    • ‘While the arrangements on Love often begin promisingly, they eventually succumb to goopy balladry, attempted anthems and guitar climaxes that go nowhere.’
    • ‘By placing her audience within a context of music and rhetoric, balladry and legend, Kelly symbolically inserted them in the larger construction of nationalism promoted elsewhere by the media.’
    • ‘He used this professional leeway to venture away from his stock-in-trade gospel/soul sound into balladry and country music, meeting with a good deal of success.’
    • ‘Stylistically, it tries to cover all bases, from spiky indie rock to reggae, with a touch of acoustic balladry and even rap (the bizarre ‘Pentonville’).’
    • ‘His verses which have influenced Arabic balladry for centuries are filled with the splendour of his rhetoric, imagination and advice.’
    • ‘It was fertilized by blues, gospel, string-band hoedowns, Appalachian balladry, work songs, and vaudeville hokum.’
    • ‘A down-tempo chunk of mid-set balladry was chilling and songs like ‘I Will Make U Cry,’ ‘Well, Well’ and ‘Legend’ are both heartfelt and winsome.’
    • ‘The trio of new songs the band trotted out makes the piano balladry of Use Your Illusion look positively rockin’ and the old songs weren't performed with enough gusto to lend them new life.’
    • ‘He uses the same ingredients dependably: gruff, heartfelt singing, stinging blues-rock riffage, folky balladry, spoonfuls of psychedelia and guest spots.’
    • ‘‘I'll Wait For You’ is another fine example of the latter, and another from Strait's ilk, as lovely as this kind of country balladry gets.’
    • ‘Unsurprisingly, the author cannot really demonstrate that there is a purely ‘English’ (in the geographical sense) traditional balladry to analyse.’
    • ‘The next track, ‘Space Age Ballad,’ is a haunting acoustic number that recalls contemporaries Ghost and their psychedelic balladry.’
    • ‘The second single from the second record, ‘On Your Own,’ introduced audiences to the acoustic balladry - with handclaps!’
    • ‘It was a pleasant surprise when they reconvened to record 1997's For Those In Peril From The Sea, a classy collection of upbeat rockers, jangly pop tunes and introspective balladry.’
    • ‘And our man wasn't just standing in the back checking his Blackberry; he was right up front, visibly transfixed by the Montrealers' dramatic balladry.’
    • ‘Of course, it's a far cry from most of the low-key balladry of the rest of the album, and when the final verse appears, this fiery, chaotic vision suddenly seems distant.’
    • ‘Replace hard rock, piano balladry, and opera with death metal, prog rock, and emo, and the result is one of the most intensely colorful albums you'll hear this year.’
    poetry, versification, metrical composition, rhythmical composition, rhyme, rhyming, balladry, doggerel
    1. 1.1The art of writing or performing ballads.
      ‘a tendency to backslide into maudlin balladry’
      • ‘Thrills rein in their ‘Digsy's Dinner’ worship, to indulge their other love; forgettable mid-paced balladry.’
      • ‘The band discovered the advantages of rock balladry and pensive lyrics.’
      • ‘One-time Grammy gal returns from the pop dead end of 2001's Love, Shelby with a back-to-basics approach to country balladry.’
      • ‘But wait, if you give this release a chance, you'll find smart lyrics and longer, downcast balladry that doesn't lend itself well to a catchy, three-minute radio single format.’
      • ‘Their music was tried-and-true funky soul and bar-band balladry, and not a lick of it was ever going to see the top 40 if Brown could help it.’
      • ‘Unlike other societies where balladry was a luxury for the privileged few, Arabic poetry was the literary expression of a whole people and has remained so until our times.’
      • ‘‘Feathered Friends’ is the album's requisite slow track, a rousing, uplifting singsong that eclipses Rocket's previous attempts at balladry.’
      • ‘This is another fine album from Molasses, advancing their dark folk into more accessible territory without diluting the always-strong emotional impact of Chernoff's pessimistic balladry.’
      • ‘Even when they take it down a notch on ‘Shade of Blue’ or the lush acoustic balladry on ‘And I'm Aching ’, our trio can't put an effect or a chord wrong.’
      • ‘The Price is an eclectic brew of fuzzy lo-fi tinkering, rainy-day '80s balladry and balls-out devil-sign rock.’
      • ‘From opener ‘All Gone’ to the brief closer ‘You Are Far,’ Guthrie is as relentless as his brand of pensive balladry can be without losing its slightly awkward charm.’
      • ‘When Auerbach settles down with a lap steel on ‘The Lengths’, it's no mere diversion - there's true conviction behind his country blues balladry.’
      • ‘Unfortunately, he's a runaway freight train of creativity, with no one in the brake room to slow down his torrent of hangdog, peculiarly American balladry.’