Meaning of ballot paper in English:

ballot paper



  • A slip of paper used to register a vote.

    ‘There was never more than one candidate in any election and an unmarked ballot paper counted as a vote.’
    • ‘People must sign the declaration attached to the ballot paper or their vote will not be valid.’
    • ‘The council will also warn voters who did receive the original ballot paper against casting their vote twice.’
    • ‘A mark anywhere else will spoil the ballot paper and that vote will be nullified.’
    • ‘But no one was confused about which of the 18 candidates on the ballot paper to vote for.’
    • ‘Every voter will receive a ballot paper and a pre-paid return envelope which must reach the Returning Officer by May 1.’
    • ‘Electors in Eden will receive a ballot paper by post for elections to the European Parliament.’
    • ‘Electors will receive their ballot paper by post and will be asked to return their vote by Election Day - June 10.’
    • ‘At the stage of completing the ballot paper the voter has exercised his right to vote in order of preference.’
    • ‘This teacher then got the class to vote, using the ballot paper, for their favourite school subjects.’
    • ‘Thus, when your vote is counted on election night, no one will know which is your ballot paper or, indeed, which way you voted.’
    • ‘Voters will be required to rank order all the candidates on their ballot paper, and points will be awarded for each placing on each paper.’
    • ‘Under the current pen and paper system, the voter marks the ballot paper in a booth and throws it in a box.’
    • ‘Instead, registered electors will be sent a ballot paper by post and it can then be sent back to the council.’
    • ‘Nobody can confuse an annual festival with a ballot paper for an election.’
    • ‘One voter had used his ballot paper to express an unprintable view of all politicians.’
    • ‘There will be no other change on the ballot paper when voters go to the polls on this Saturday, 19th June.’
    • ‘Trouble is, none of these options will be on the ballot paper.’
    • ‘Anyone who exercised their right not to be included in the full register will not automatically receive their ballot paper.’
    • ‘If you haven't voted yet, when you look at your ballot paper, look at the candidates' addresses.’