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  • 1A large room for formal dancing.

    ‘There were ballrooms, three dining rooms, a social hall, beauty and barbershops, four bars, a Grand Salon and other entertainment salons.’
    • ‘I live in the biggest rooms: the drawing room, the dining room and the ballroom.’
    • ‘The main hall has stone pillars and gives access to a ballroom, drawing room and library.’
    • ‘We saw the iceberg coming but we were too busy dancing in the ballroom to take action to avoid it.’
    • ‘The transportation of a distinct and local style of dancing to the dance halls and ballrooms of New York City is a journey made and remembered by the body.’
    • ‘The council will retain the present council chamber in the former ballroom at the Town Hall.’
    • ‘The casino resort also features three ballrooms and 30 meeting rooms with a total of 80,000 square feet of meeting and convention space.’
    • ‘In the south wing, there are the ballrooms, the music rooms, the library; the other rooms that are more academic than physical.’
    • ‘It's a huge room - four big ballrooms joined together, acres of tables, a thousand and one chairs.’
    • ‘Every inch of the mansion was beautiful, even the boarded up doors that led into the morning room and the ballrooms.’
    • ‘It was glamorous as always with an ungodly amount of social elites crowding the ballrooms and game rooms.’
    • ‘Katherine led the way out of the ballroom and into the drawing room across the parlour.’
    • ‘Much of the step material in the dances came from popular culture sources such as ballrooms and vaudeville stages.’
    • ‘For one thing, the danger was always present in theaters, schools, ballrooms, and any other place where people mingled.’
    • ‘People are sleeping everywhere - in outlying permanent buildings, in the palace itself (with no a/c), in tents, in ballrooms and hallways.’
    • ‘Silk upholstery - not wallpaper - covers the walls of the ballrooms, meeting rooms, guest rooms, and bathrooms.’
    • ‘The hotel has top notch conference facilities, with four ballrooms, seven function room options and three atrium room set ups.’
    • ‘The roots of sweet music grew from the post World War I urban craze for large dance halls and for dancing in hotel ballrooms and private clubs.’
    • ‘But there were almost certainly vast chambers and ballrooms that remained in the dark.’
    • ‘It said the building is still in a good state of repair, and the famous ballroom and banqueting hall are still in a condition to use.’
  • 2mass noun Ballroom dancing.

    ‘the number of people learning ballroom has doubled in the last two years’
    • ‘In this way, we teenagers picked up ballroom, jazz, jive and the frowned upon jitter bugging.’
    • ‘From ballroom, ballet and modern jazz to aerobics, dancerise, gymnastics, & jitterbug, dancing is the fun way to keep fit.’
    • ‘There are still many places where you can learn ballroom and there are a growing number of people who want to polish their Argentinean lounge-lizard skills and do the tango.’
    • ‘Although I'm not personally a fan of how Americans teach and dance ballroom, they're doing a much better job of making dance a compulsory part of education than we are.’
    • ‘One dancer who combines both kinds of performance is Shaun Parry, who teaches ballroom and swing at the Fred Astaire studios.’
    • ‘It was the same as teaching ballroom everywhere: you were part dance teacher, part well-mannered gigolo.’
    • ‘My father taught ballroom in all the schools on the North Shore of Lake Michigan in the Chicago area.’
    • ‘In fact, competitive ballroom is now called Dance Sport.’
    • ‘There were three competitions: professional ballroom, amateur latin and amateur ballroom.’
    • ‘When I was eight years old I started my first dance school doing disco, rock and roll and also ballroom and latin.’
    • ‘The school, which teaches everything from ballroom and latin to tap and street, has been established for thirty nine years.’
    • ‘I found partnership dancing (ballroom and latin) to be a good gateway to dance, since it's a highly structured and logical system that results in great dancing.’
    • ‘Astaire was famous for incorporating a strangely elegant mix of tap and ballroom.’
    • ‘I have a big dance background doing tap and ballroom since an early age.’
    • ‘His two brothers followed their father into the law but Merce's future was honed in the dance studios of Maude Barrett, where he studied tap, ballroom and soft shoe, while enjoying many opportunities to perform.’
    • ‘It will be an evening celebrating the passion and dedication of those who dance in the borough, whether it be for ballroom or ballet, streetdance or salsa, tango or tap.’
    • ‘In "Burn the Floor" ballroom is a staggeringly aggressive form.’
    • ‘Ballroom is now a competitive sport, but there are many more styles.’
    • ‘Ballroom is back - but it never really went away.’
    • ‘It turns out that the emphasis in ballroom is in posture, rhythm and grace, and the steps weren't any more advanced than we've been learning.’



/ˈbɔːlruːm/ /ˈbɔːlrʊm/