Meaning of balmily in English:



See balmy

‘As you can imagine, my eyes lit up at this prospect and I began to balmily enjoy looking forward to the prospect of towering hills of white powder littering up the home.’
  • ‘But the water was calm, the sky clear, and the wind blew balmily; so I waited for what should happen.’
  • ‘No, the problem this balmily sunny Jerusalem day is that Reva can't access my blog anymore no matter what portals she uses.’
  • ‘Sankaran scats with verve, lending the words a suppleness and bringing a heady effervescence that wafts balmily into ‘A Night in Tunisia.’’
  • ‘Henry Edward's burial rites had taken place on a glorious spring day, balmily out of keeping with the emotional desolation of the event.’