Meaning of BAME in English:



  • Black, Asian, and minority ethnic (used to refer to members of non-white communities)

    ‘BAME students are making a vital contribution to the work of every sector’
    • ‘about 26 per cent of local government employees are from BAME backgrounds’
    • ‘BAME students are making good use of higher education opportunities.’
    • ‘Around 20% of the teachers are from BAME backgrounds.’
    • ‘The event was also an opportunity for BAME residents to meet with the Whitefriars’ community cohesion and engagement officer.’
    • ‘If you work with BAME communities that face socio-economic disadvantage we encourage you to use evidence from your work to inform this review.’
    • ‘The scheme links school and college pupils with BAME university students, who act as role models and provide academic support.’



/ˌbiː eɪ em ˈiː/ /beɪm/