Meaning of banana belt in English:

banana belt


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informal North American
  • A region with a comparatively warm climate.

    • ‘Alaskans, with what passes for humour, call this relatively temperate south-eastern corner of their state ‘the banana belt’.’
    • ‘It also thrives in the banana belts of the inland valleys if they are well enough protected.’
    • ‘But it's an unusual pocket of warmth, resulting from marine effects and a coastline that curves inland, that has helped to earn this area a reputation as the banana belt of Oregon.’
    • ‘In fact, some slopes are called banana belts, because they remain frost-free much longer than valley floors, which may be subjected to hard frosts.’
    • ‘When high peaks are buried in snow, valleys on the lea side are often banana belts - areas of warmer than expected weather.’