Meaning of banana lounge in English:

banana lounge


(also banana chair)
Australian, New Zealand
  • An adjustable outdoor reclining chair incorporating a leg rest.

    ‘he'll be reclining on a banana lounge somewhere in the Swedish alps’
    • ‘Three quarters of the play was written in a mad flurry of ideas on a banana lounge by the pool, cocktails on hand.’
    • ‘To accentuate her point, she then collapsed into a banana lounge.’
    • ‘We're sitting here, in a large orange banana lounge.’
    • ‘So what is the view like from a banana lounge beside the pool at a nice hotel?’
    • ‘Trees, houses, cars, goats, donkeys, chickens, ducks, swingsets, above ground swimming pools, banana lounges - you name it, I zap it.’
    • ‘They carry cocktails to fat American women or short-legged and leathery Japanese men, lying on banana lounges smoking thin brown cigars.’
    • ‘She was well prepared: towel spread over the banana lounge, beach bag duly emptied of books, suntan lotion, bottle of water, straw hat and manicure kit.’
    • ‘The next door neighbour is in the habit of lying on her front patio, semi-naked on a banana lounge.’
    • ‘The fat man was draped rakishly across a banana lounge.’
    • ‘After 3.00 pm you will struggle to get a banana lounge and spots on the sand will be scarce.’