Meaning of banana skin in English:

banana skin


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  • 1The skin of a banana, especially when peeled off and discarded.

    ‘you can compost banana skins, peelings, teabags, and eggshells’
    • ‘Rubbing the outsides of banana skins on leather shoes will give them a nice polish because the skins contain potassium, a key ingredient in commercial shoe polish.’
    • ‘Collect vegetable and fruit waste such as peelings, cores and banana skins in a small kitchen bin.’
    • ‘Take the half marathon last year for example, there were 80,000 discarded bottles and thousands of dropped banana skins.’
    • ‘We spent the afternoon picnicking on the beach, walking over the hot coral sand and feeding the rainbow-coloured fish on chopped-up banana skins.’
    • ‘In a sixth form classroom of 28 children, Thursday's waste fills two small, takeaway boxes and a plastic bag stuffed with 28 banana skins.’
    • ‘Bacteria on the banana skin start to thrive and cause the banana to rot.’
    • ‘Before reaching for the insect bite cream, try rubbing the affected area with the inside of a banana skin.’
    • ‘Honey helps stop itching as does soap, vinegar, tea, baking soda, the inside of a banana skin and citrus fruits.’
    • ‘I stopped in front of one of the wheelie bins, opened the top and dropped in my banana skin.’
    • ‘One city hall worker won £4,000 after slipping on a banana skin while another who burned their hand on a fish pie was paid £3,000.’
    1. 1.1British informal Used to refer to a cause of difficulty or embarrassment.
      • ‘the minister was appointed to spot political banana skins’
      • ‘this game remains a potential banana skin for Burnley’
      • ‘the world's two major economic powers seem unable to avoid slipping on a banana skin’
      • ‘The trade-off of shutting six maternity and A & E departments around the country will also be a political banana skin, particularly with local elections coming up next year.’
      • ‘‘The conditions were difficult but credit to the players for doing a professional job,’ said the away manager, who knew the tie had been a potential banana skin.’
      • ‘If Smith was sensing the vultures circling overhead, he did well to conceal it instead congratulating his team for the way they put outside pressures to one side and avoided a potential banana skin.’
      • ‘Tati was modernity's clown; technology his banana skin.’
      • ‘Now that I don't have a monthly salary I've learned that financial slip-ups are just a banana skin away.’
      • ‘Sony has avoided its first banana skin in a new market.’
      • ‘We worship our sporting heroes to the point where while they are on top they can do little wrong and more often than not we cut them some slack if they slip on a banana skin.’
      • ‘The prosecution slipped on a few banana skins on the way.’
      • ‘Investors may do better simply by moving on to sectors where there is more clarity and fewer potential banana skins.’
      • ‘Hays has this advice on how to avoid stepping on potential banana skins at work.’
      hazard, danger, risk, peril, difficulty, issue, problem, catch, snag, stumbling block, drawback