Meaning of bandaging in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbandɪdʒɪŋ/


See bandage

‘The President slid on the paved surface, suffering scrapes on his hands and arms that later required treatment and bandaging by his White House physician.’
  • ‘Depends on whether or not you're going to do the bandaging.’
  • ‘All compression bandaging was performed by specialist nurses and community nurses (on a shared-care basis) using a standard technique.’
  • ‘‘There,’ said Aero as he finished the bandaging with a soft knot.’
  • ‘Again, this may be due to concomitant compression or wound bandaging mitigating the cooling effect and preventing adequate metabolic reduction.’
  • ‘Lor, feeling a little embarrassed about confessing something like that, turned away from Kite and stared at her current work of bandaging.’
  • ‘That will take some bandaging, she thought to herself.’
  • ‘He finished the bandaging and put her hand on the table.’
  • ‘He turned in surprise, and then went back to his bandaging.’
  • ‘She takes a nickel-sized piece of glass out of her foot, painfully, and does some cleaning and bandaging.’
  • ‘The graze under his arm only required a little antiseptic and bandaging.’
  • ‘The children did not write as much as they had in the housekeeping center, although they did a lot of bandaging.’
  • ‘She had to do something about the injuries, probably in the way of bandaging.’
  • ‘Sebastian arrived, having turned over the final bandaging of his patient to Brandon.’
  • ‘He wanted to push them away but couldn't because of the extensive bandaging of his fingers.’
  • ‘When Faremund had nearly completed the bandaging, there was a sharp rap at the door.’
  • ‘The remaining third of volunteers will receive standard care for lymphoedema including bandaging, exercise and massage.’
  • ‘The committee was also told that Mrs Chafwa did not record the bandaging of a patient and failed to ensure that patients took their medication.’
  • ‘And yet there is no evidence that he needed the slightest bit of medical attention or bandaging.’
  • ‘This can be tackled to some extent by employing skin massage, bandaging of the limb and encouraging activity.’