Meaning of banderillero in English:


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nounplural noun banderilleros

  • A bullfighter who uses banderillas.

    ‘From that time, it began to follow a particular sequence of events: the entrance of the bull, the picador, the banderilleros, and finally the matador (bullfighter).’
    • ‘Then the first of three banderilleros (usually older bullfighters who form part of the matador's team) individually run towards the bull making him charge.’
    • ‘The banderillero, carrying a banderilla in each hand, runs towards the charging bull at an angle and places the banderillas in its neck.’
    • ‘Juan Francisco Esplá is another veteran and also an outstanding banderillero; he is the most complete matador of the group.’
    • ‘Next the picadores, mounted on horseback, gore the bull with lances to weaken him, and the banderilleros stick colored banners into his neck.’



/ˌbandərɪˈljɛːrəʊ/ /ˌbandərɪˈlɛːrəʊ/