Meaning of bandh in English:


Pronunciation /bʌnd/


  • A general strike.

    ‘the impact of the bandh would be fatal to the cloth trade’
    • ‘However, we had to postpone that, since Thursday was the day of the bandh (general strike) called by the VHP-SS.’
    • ‘A father who switched on the early morning news to keep tabs on lightning strikes and bandhs and heated the water for my early morning bath.’
    • ‘Within Kathmandu and in other towns in the valleys general strikes, or bandhs, took place on a regular basis after 2001.’
    • ‘Of course, this is followed by walkouts from the Assembly, dharnas, gheraos, bandhs and other forms of agitation.’
    • ‘Let all hartals, bandhs, protest meetings culminate there.’
    • ‘The High Court was not impressed by the argument of the political parties that they had the fundamental right to record their protest by organising bandhs on any issue.’
    • ‘The left trade unions-sponsored general strike that turned into a bandh on Wednesday has helped the people realise just how efficient the administration is in meeting such situations.’
    • ‘And I have not even counted days lost due to strikes, hartals, bandhs, lockouts and the like.’
    • ‘Invariably buses are targeted by those holding bandhs and protest rallies.’
    • ‘The media at that time completely ignored the stupidity of protest marches and bandhs in India.’
    • ‘Business establishments including the women market vendors observed a spontaneous bandh in protest against the killings.’
    • ‘This was a nation-wide bandh called by the left-oriented trade unions to protest against the government's ongoing labour reforms process and privatisation of state-owned undertakings.’
    • ‘The frequent hike in prices of petroleum products leads to strikes and bandhs, paralysing normal life and the general economy.’
    • ‘Many other parts of the country were affected too because there seemed to be general agreement between most political parties that a bandh was required.’
    • ‘The bulk of the protests were collective: strikes, bandhs, processions, boycotts and dharnas.’
    • ‘A one-day general strike or bandh that paralysed the Indian commercial and industrial city of Bombay on April 25 raises important political issues for the working class.’
    • ‘In protest the Catholic Church of Tripura called a bandh in all Catholic run institutions on August 10, 2000.’
    • ‘The killing led to protest, unrest and a bandh in the Kashmir valley.’


Via Hindi from Sanskrit bandh ‘to stop’.