Meaning of bandicoot rat in English:

bandicoot rat


  • An Asian rat that is a destructive pest in many places.

    Genera Bandicota and Nesokia, family Muridae: four species, in particular the large B. indica

    ‘The pelage of the bandicoot rat varies from coarse, short, harsh, and semispinous to long, fine and silky.’
    • ‘The bandicoot rat has a short head, broad muzzle, and a scaly, almost hairless tail.’
    • ‘In this isolated oasis, unique species evolved: the smooth-covered otter, bandicoot rat, the thrasher-like Iraqi babbler and the buni fish are found nowhere else.’
    • ‘At the Snake Park they were fed chickens and bandicoot rats, but in the wild they have a more interesting diet.’
    • ‘Burrows are made by Norway rats, bandicoot rats, and sometimes, house mice.’