Meaning of bandolier in English:


Pronunciation /ˌbandəˈlɪə/

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(also bandoleer)
  • A shoulder belt with loops or pockets for cartridges.

    ‘It was also decided that all Marines would carry their sleeping bags, an extra bandolier of small arms ammunition, and extra stretchers - initially to carry ammunition and then casualties.’
    • ‘There were stakes thrust in his belt, and he wore a bandoleer over his left shoulder, also studded with wooden stakes.’
    • ‘They wear bandoliers of self-contained paint cartridges.’
    • ‘Tightening her weapon belt and slinging the bandolier that held her sword over her shoulder, Nuria headed for the gate, helmet in hand.’
    • ‘His face was painted black, and lines and bandoliers of ammunition were draped across his shoulders and neck.’
    • ‘I entered the bottom of the central building, where we stored the spare bandoleers that the deserters dropped.’
    • ‘They have canteens on their belts and AK - 47s and bandoliers of rounds across their shoulders.’
    • ‘Basic webbing ammunition belts and pouches were supplemented by as many bandoliers as the soldier could carry without falling down.’
    • ‘Dragging himself upright, Sarr straightened his belt and his bandolier, checking the holstered weapons rhythmically.’
    • ‘The undoubted chief, so swathed in bandoliers of ammunition that bullets fired at him would have bounced off, reached down and grabbed my hand.’
    • ‘She carried a bandolier of various ammunitions, a few handguns, a sniper rifle, a shotgun, and a big, fat machine gun.’
    • ‘Erek smiled back as he strapped a bandolier of grenades over his shoulder.’
    • ‘My rifle was on fire, my tunic was on fire and the bandolier of ammunition I had slung round me was on fire.’
    • ‘They shaved freshly, and donned their red uniforms, bandoliers, bayonets and cross-straps.’
    • ‘As Mari rose slightly to fire overhead he knelt back down and began to reload again, noting his depleted bandolier.’
    • ‘I strapped on the ammo pods, put the bandoleer across my chest, put my mask over my face, and grabbed my gun.’
    • ‘Hank grabbed his bandoleer and started to check the ammo clips one by one.’
    • ‘Two too-large gun belts were slung over her slender hips, grenade-laden bandolier thrown over one shoulder, a machine gun resting in her arms, and a sinister smile on her face.’
    • ‘In the middle of summer they are wearing fur hats, their undress tunics are trimmed in front and around with gold lace, and they sport white pistol lanyards and leather bandoliers.’
    • ‘Bradley, still kneeling, hurled a dagger from his bandolier at the knight, but the knight's crossed blades formed an effective defense against it and sent the dagger skittering across the stone floor.’


Late 16th century from French bandoulière; perhaps from Spanish bandolera (from banda ‘sash’), or from Catalan bandolera (from bandoler ‘bandit’).