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  • 1Electronics
    A range of frequencies within a given band, in particular that used for transmitting a signal.

    ‘Since kinetic energy increases with increasing frequency, the bandwidth of the low-frequency regime is limited.’
    • ‘Once the installation vibrations have been mitigated, low-cost gyros need to have bandwidths in the range of 50-70 Hz for adequate processing of high-frequency components of flight angular motion.’
    • ‘Monetarists believe that money supply should be kept within an acceptable bandwidth so that levels of inflation can be controlled.’
    • ‘The spectra show a large variation in spectral features like the number of bands, bandwidths, and their polarization behavior.’
    • ‘The large bandwidths of the bands reflected the short lifetime of these states due to fast exciton relaxation.’
    1. 1.1The transmission capacity of a computer network or other telecommunication system.
      ‘posting separately wastes bandwidth and disk space’
      • ‘In a period of two weeks we measured the bandwidth of 54,845 peers downloading over a hundred newly injected files.’
      • ‘As the sheer amount of bandwidth running across public networks increases, so do power requirements.’
      • ‘It is also the amount of cache memory rather than the memory bandwidth that determines the speed of the system in popular games.’
      • ‘Traffic is sampled in five-minute intervals, and the average bandwidth for the five minutes is calculated.’
      • ‘That means that during the past few days we had to temporarily turn your site off to keep the bandwidth within this limit.’
  • 2The energy or mental capacity required to deal with a situation.

    ‘he lives alone, and says he doesn't have the bandwidth to handle a steady relationship’
    • ‘I guess for the most part of this year I felt like I don't have a lot of bandwidth to deal with all of that.’
    • ‘Driving a car eats up a lot more mental bandwidth than sitting on a plane.’
    • ‘With a little more mental bandwidth this summer, I started re-viewing the earliest footage we shot for my grandfather's documentary.’
    • ‘You will have time and mental bandwidth to form your thoughts better.’
    • ‘The job of the modern presidency is so complex, so taxing, so intense that one's disposition even more than one's mental bandwidth may be the key to handling the job.’
    • ‘Clients who want to know whether the firm has the time or the ability to handle a project ask ‘if we have the bandwidth'.’
    • ‘I'm being careful about who I'm handing my résumé to. I don't have the bandwidth to meet with everyone.’
    • ‘You really don't use all the mental bandwidth you have when you're playing these games.’



/ˈbandwɪtθ/ /ˈbandwɪdθ/