Meaning of bang to rights in English:

bang to rights

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(also North American dead to rights)
  • (of a criminal) with positive proof of guilt.

    • ‘we've got you bang to rights handling stolen property’
    • ‘The combination of the cards and the video meant that he was bang to rights as far as being there and taking something was concerned, and they are saying that now he is admitting it.’
    • ‘The downside of this will be that if I ever do commit any kind of crime then the police will pretty much have me bang to rights.’
    • ‘I knew I was going to get a ticket because I was bang to rights.’
    • ‘He gave a full and frank admission that he was caught bang to rights.’
    • ‘I hereby certify that I have done nothing whatsoever that I have any intention of telling you about, unless they've got me bang to rights on tape.’
    • ‘In a police interview played in court he told officers: ‘I'm caught, bang to rights.’’
    • ‘There have been rumours and now he has been caught bang to rights.’
    • ‘The rule of strict liability applied and he was bang to rights.’
    • ‘A player flagrantly flaunts the rules, and in doing so, is caught bang to rights.’
    • ‘If it locks on to your car and you are exceeding the speed limit, they have you bang to rights.’
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