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bank book

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another term for passbook
‘How do I look at my bank book, the house I want to buy, and decide what mortgage product is the best one I should have?’
  • ‘It contained my passport, my bank book and 10,000 baht in cash.’
  • ‘As she lay stunned, the bike-riding youth who attacked her snatched her black leather handbag, which contained £60 in pension money, her new spectacles, credit cards and a bank book.’
  • ‘By the novel's end, however, Davie comes into his estate and is thoroughly imbricated into a credit economy where wealth is represented through markings in a bank book.’
  • ‘He's going to flip when I show him his new bank book.’
  • ‘Sally was surprised to see her drawer being pried open, her treasures getting spewed all over the floor and her bank book in between Hollet's palms.’
  • ‘They took my bank book with my funeral money in it.’
  • ‘He literally came with his bank book to a Henry Moore exhibition and said, ‘I would like to buy the most expensive Henry Moore I can afford.’’
  • ‘It is like somebody breaking into your house, taking your bank book, emptying your account, and walking away.’
  • ‘Another protester, I Putu Patra, 35, exhibited his bank book, which showed that his last deposit was on March 26, bringing his account to Rp 10 million.’
  • ‘I remembered the indignity of giving the admissions officer her bank book to copy; they knew exactly how long it would take to ‘spend down’ until nothing was left.’
  • ‘The M.E.N. reported a year ago how the 36-year-old chemist died from massive injuries when he landed on a concrete slab with his bank book and £3,600 in his pocket.’
  • ‘A suspicious Huang played along, saying she needed to pick up her bank book, which she said held NT $1,000,000.’
  • ‘When police checked his body they found he was carrying £3,609, and a search of his hotel room revealed a bank book showing a very substantial balance.’
  • ‘Mr Chew and his wife have not received a bank book, wage slip and tickets for a New Year holiday to Paris which should have arrived in the post.’
  • ‘I feel like going to Lou Dobbs with my little bank book and just having Lou Dobbs just do this.’
  • ‘Eventually, as she got older, the bank book lay unused in a drawer.’
  • ‘Mr Chew and his wife Julia lost a bank book, wage slip and their tickets for a New Year holiday to Paris in the bag snatch.’
  • ‘While he was distracted, they rifled through a jacket and made off with a bank book.’
  • ‘The victim, who has heart problems, had his wallet, bank book and a pension book taken from his home in Boxted.’