Meaning of bank draft in English:

bank draft


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  • A cheque drawn by a bank on its own funds.

    ‘He gave the PCEC a copy of a bank draft to prove it.’
    • ‘I also took advantage of the automatic bank draft, which made me eligible for an immediate interest-rate decrease.’
    • ‘Garda sources said a recurring feature of cheque and bank draft scams by professional criminals is that a naive company insider is persuaded to take most of the risk.’
    • ‘According to Barry, the money was paid by way of a bank draft to FF.’
    • ‘When I received a confirmation of my order I posted them a bank draft.’
    • ‘There are rackets now active in Bangladesh to steal those letters from post office, which contain bank draft / cheques and encash it in Hong Kong or another point falsifying identity.’
    • ‘At present, payments over Rs 10,000 can be made only by crossed cheque or bank draft.’
    • ‘The bank draft is, of course, no evidence that the funds emanated from Singh.’
    • ‘On Wednesday the Cook Islands fund to assist Niue stood at about $105,000, which Dr Woonton said will be given directly to the Niuean government in the form of a bank draft.’
    • ‘One charge, dated July 13, 1992, related to a bank draft for £9,250 in the name of Marcella Irwin, who had given it to him to invest for her.’
    • ‘Ms Breda Fleming, defending solicitor, said Thomas Donoghue was ordered to collect £1,500 for Friday's sitting and she had a bank draft for that amount in court.’
    • ‘We made a nice profit, and I've got a bank draft that should more than offset our expenses.’
    • ‘In January the Chernobyl Children's Charity 10K, received a late Christmas present in the form of a bumper bank draft for 22,000 from the ITC Students Union.’
    • ‘Bloodgood's sidekick, Badger, escapes with the bank draft to California and returns twenty years later to blackmail his former boss.’
    • ‘George Georgiou contributed $10,000, by way of a bank draft from his mother, and $5,000 of his own funds.’
    • ‘The company has only agreed to cover entitlements by taking out a bank draft, rather than by the more reliable method of placing funds directly into a trust fund.’
    • ‘However, she walked into City Hall at lunchtime yesterday and handed over a bank draft for €5,000.’
    • ‘Adam relaxed back in his chair and put the bank draft in his pocket.’
    • ‘Sending a bank draft is obviously cheaper than wiring the money.’
    • ‘When you're handing over a bank draft for a second-hand car that costs about four times as much as the average new car you have every right to be fussy.’