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bank holiday


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  • A day on which banks are officially closed, kept as a public holiday.

    ‘I took the box number to report the problem but the post office customer service line was closed due to the bank holiday.’
    • ‘Analysts said volumes were more like a bank holiday than a working day.’
    • ‘A bank holiday is a day on which the banks are on holiday, but on everyone else has to go to work.’
    • ‘On Constitution Day, a bank holiday, we visited the ancient capital of Lanzarote, Teguise.’
    • ‘It pointed out that there were 61 days to go to the next bank holiday and 56 days since the last one.’
    • ‘The workers of the UK, and probably across a lot of the world, get a bank holiday tomorrow for May Day.’
    • ‘Sunday is considered a bank holiday and any other day designated as such should be subject to the same rules.’
    • ‘This weekend was a bank holiday one and so Monday was off so we could all indulge in sports as Sports Day it is.’
    • ‘Around 100,000 people travel on BA flights every day over the bank holiday weekend.’
    • ‘After Easter the boating lake will open every weekend, bank holiday and school holiday through the summer.’
    • ‘It was expected to be even busier today - the official Boxing Day bank holiday.’
    • ‘The open weekend, held over the August bank holiday, saw the first brake van rides towards Appleby.’
    • ‘It originally took place on New Year's Day but when that became a bank holiday it was moved to the second of the month.’
    • ‘When the system broke down in Doncaster it happened to be a bank holiday and we just couldn't get anyone out to fix it.’
    • ‘The Irish all know when Saint Patrick's Day is, because they have a bank holiday attached to it.’
    • ‘And you get an extra day of flopping on the sofa because of the extra bank holiday.’
    • ‘The problem with break - outs started in fine weather on the bank holiday at the start of May.’
    • ‘Normally, if there has been a bank holiday, the rubbish is picked up the following day.’
    • ‘Because of the bank holiday it would have taken several days to get a court order to move them.’
    • ‘Local businesses were kept busy over the bank holiday with a large number of people home for the break.’
    break, time off, furlough, sabbatical, annual leave, leave of absence, a day off, a month off, a week off, leisure time, respite, breathing space