Meaning of bank machine in English:

bank machine


  • A machine that dispenses cash or performs other banking services when an account holder inserts a bank card.

    ‘The Turkish inflation was not altogether real, in the sense that prices did not go up by much in dollars, and, after Ozal, Turks could just change their money into greenbacks at a bank machine.’
    • ‘After picking up his first batch of 200 euros from a bank machine on New Year's day, Schroeder tossed a two-euro coin into an accordion player's basket.’
    • ‘Newry will be the first town in Northern Ireland to have a bank machine dispensing the new Euro banknotes when the currency comes into circulation in January 2002.’
    • ‘The Newbridge woman, in her 40s, was assaulted at the AIB bank machine on Edward Street at 11.40 am on Monday.’
    • ‘The queue halved (the half who were going to the bank machine chuntering, of course.)’
    • ‘Also in January, a man was caught pulling a bank machine from a wall with his car in St-Gilles, a crime that was imitated a few days later in Quebec City.’
    • ‘‘You go out the bank machine on the corner and it has four languages to choose from,’ says Burt.’
    • ‘The Securicor van arrived at the shopping centre to fill a bank machine at the front of the building around 10.20 am.’
    • ‘I finally resorted to a last-minute loan from a friend, depositing his credit card cheque into a bank machine.’
    • ‘Maybe it's just a mental reminder that I should really get to a bank machine.’
    • ‘But the bank machine had run out of £10 notes, and I honestly didn't have anything else.’
    • ‘Next time you use a bank machine, check closely to make sure it's the real thing.’
    • ‘I needed to stop at a bank machine to get the money for the fare, because I was a couple of quid short of the £15 fare.’
    • ‘I did a double-take myself when a bank machine spat out that same bill earlier in the afternoon.’
    • ‘That said, if you see the item of your dreams there's a good chance that a bank machine is only a few minutes away.’
    • ‘Do you remember your first day at work, the first time you drove a car, your first time using a bank machine?’
    • ‘When the van pulled up at the bank machine and the driver stepped out, two men jumped from the Volvo.’
    • ‘Paul took me to a bank machine at a nearby gas station and forced me to withdraw cash.’
    • ‘He took Connie around the corner to a bank machine, where they each withdrew the limit of $500 in the hope that they could make bail for Eric immediately.’
    • ‘You have no cash to pay the ransom, so you go to the bank machine, where you pay the new ‘environmental’ ATM receipt tax.’