Meaning of banker's card in English:

banker's card

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another term for cheque card
‘One elderly lady in Malton was persuaded to part with £240, and was intimidated into giving a series of cheques, each supported by banker's cards.’
  • ‘As he lay dying outside the club two items were stolen from him - a Nokia 8310 mobile phone and a brown leather wallet containing the withdrawn £20, a banker's card and Sky television card.’
  • ‘Despite possessing an international banker's card and money in the bank, the immigration service ruled she lacked enough funds to support herself in the UK.’
  • ‘Cheques are welcomed provided you have a valid banker's card which exceeds the amount being paid.’
  • ‘We accept payment with cheques up to the limit on your banker's cards, credit/debits cards and cash.’
  • ‘For amounts not covered by a banker's card, payment by cheque must be made three working days prior to departure.’
  • ‘If the payment method is by ‘Banker's Card ’, you must fill in the secure form with the details of the banker's card to be debited.’
  • ‘Please make sure that you have a banker's card and identity with a photo or passport if you are one of our many foreign visitors.’
  • ‘To help strengthen your recall ability even more, try imagining your library full of gold-plated books or your garden full of trees with banker's cards hanging from the branches.’
  • ‘The hospitals accept all major credit cards, cash and personal cheque with a banker's card.’
  • ‘When payment is made by banker's card, debiting of the card will be effected in French Francs at the time of GALATEO's acceptance of the order.’
  • ‘We accept cash, personal cheques on production of a valid banker's card, travellers cheques and all major credit/debit cards.’
  • ‘Payment should be made directly to the Service Engineer, using credit card or a cheque supported by a banker's card.’
  • ‘Payment may be made by cash or cheque that is supported by a valid banker's card (up to card maximum).’
  • ‘We accept cheques, cash and a selection of banker's cards.’
  • ‘Cheques are accepted provided they are covered by a valid banker's card.’
  • ‘To make calls to the French provinces or foreign countries, use the phone-point on the first floor with a France Telecom phone card or a banker's card.’