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banker's draft

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another term for bank draft
‘Cash is an obvious way to pay, but in reality few people have enough money sitting around to be able to write a cheque or arrange a banker's draft without saving up for several years first.’
  • ‘That bank presents the banker's draft for payment to the drawee bank through the usual clearing channels available for cheques.’
  • ‘However, when you receive payment, the cheque or banker's draft will be for an amount that is considerably more than your asking price.’
  • ‘Rock solid and lots of extras, provided it has a full service history and preferably metallic paint, I'd say go for it by waving a banker's draft for 21.5k in his face.’
  • ‘The man rang the following day, agreed a price, and then arrived at 8.30 pm and handed over a banker's draft, before riding off on the bike.’
  • ‘After viewing the car, the thieves - a man and a woman - gave him a banker's draft for £27,500 and drove off in the black sapphire BMW, a rare 330i model.’
  • ‘I vividly remember collecting a banker's draft for the balance of £131,000 from a customer who had already given me a £25,000 deposit six months earlier.’
  • ‘Grace and Charles were dispatched to lodge the banker's draft in their account and Charity ordered to fetch Mrs Ward at once, presumably so that Emilia might gloat over her renewed good fortune.’
  • ‘He received a banker's draft for £1,500 from Lord Robert for his troubles, and set up home with his young wife in London's fashionable Mayfair.’
  • ‘They then returned on April 12, saying that they needed another £7,000 and again drove him to Streatham to get a banker's draft.’
  • ‘In the end he persuaded them to pay £40,000 in a banker's draft.’
  • ‘He stole a banker's draft from the Queensbury branch of the Natwest, forged a second signature on it, and used it to pay for the house completion.’
  • ‘I've spent the whole freaking afternoon trying to get a banker's draft for my freaking rent for this freaking estate agent.’
  • ‘But the mum-of-one was shocked to see the amount sent out on the banker's draft.’
  • ‘Late last year, I mailed my banker's drafts to cover subscriptions in the US on three occasions and none of these ever reached its destination.’
  • ‘The bulk of the £15,000 was in the form of a banker's draft paid to the bailiffs for the rent due from CIL, not Mr Brewer.’
  • ‘She could hardly believe that the banker's draft had also been a gift from Sir Ashford, but she had no reason to doubt the word of his own sister.’
  • ‘Mr Heal said people are asked to send £2,000 in the form of a special type of banker's draft which cannot then be cancelled.’
  • ‘A car seller was duped out of nearly £10,000 by a buyer with a worthless forged banker's draft.’