Meaning of banoffi pie in English:

banoffi pie

Pronunciation /bəˌnɒfi ˈpʌɪ/

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(also banoffee pie)
  • A pie or tart made with toffee, bananas, and cream.

    ‘For desserts, we plumped for the grape and butterscotch cheesecake, with a touch of ice-cream, and the banoffee pie.’
    • ‘Dessert was a further rollcall of tradition and included lemon tart, apple crumble, apple tart, banoffi pie, praline cake and creme caramel.’
    • ‘This perks me up - especially when I learn that it was a banoffee pie, even stickier than custard.’
    • ‘The massive ‘farmer's’ portions dented our pudding plans, but we still managed to find room to share a banoffee pie, draped in fresh cream with layers of biscuit crumbs, toffee sauce and bananas.’
    • ‘Curries, beef and ale pie and pasta dishes formed part of the varied diet and the sweets included cream caramel and banoffee pie, all made on board.’
    • ‘The dessert menu, meanwhile, goes straight for the sugar rush with creations such as toffee-crisp crème brûlée and strawberry banoffee pie.’
    • ‘I don't usually have dessert - I do have weakness for banoffee pie but I try and have melon instead.’
    • ‘Hard to believe it today when you can tuck in to a delicious banoffi pie.’
    • ‘The banoffee pie was a variant on what we had expected: it was a banana and toffee-flavoured firm mousse-like filling on top of a crunchy base.’
    • ‘Another great pudding is banoffee pie, which is often wrongly presumed to be American in origin.’
    • ‘Other desserts included cheesecake, carrot cake, banoffi pie and chocolate cake.’
    • ‘They were nestled in between the creamy buns, banoffi pie and Belgian gateaux.’
    • ‘We saved the best for last by sharing a slice of banoffi pie (£3.45 from a varied board of desserts) on the recommendation of our neighbours.’
    • ‘Desserts came on a separate menu and our waitress recommended banoffee pie which we opted for, asking for some ice cream on the side.’
    • ‘From an impressive selection of cakes and gateaux Ann asked for what she thought would be banoffee pie.’
    • ‘We're going to eat banoffee pie and watch a film.’
    • ‘Jayne and I decided to share a large slice of banoffee pie, which was gorgeous, while Marjorie, a connoisseur of trifles, gave the Lamplight sherry trifle nine marks out of ten.’
    • ‘For calorie fans, the centre's most popular slice: banoffee pie.’
    • ‘She followed this with banoffee pie which almost beat her.’
    • ‘Now, for those who don't know, banoffee pie is an amazing creation.’


1970s banoffi from a blend of banana and toffee.