Meaning of Bantu education in English:

Bantu education


mass noun historical, derogatory
  • (in South Africa under apartheid) the official system of education for black South Africans.

    • ‘the protest was against the inequalities of Bantu education’
    • ‘For decades, blacks had access only to so-called Bantu education, which prepared them mainly for menial jobs.’
    • ‘If Asmal is allowed to execute his plan he shall have achieved what Bantu education and Verwoerd failed to achieve, namely making Africans drawers of water and hewers of wood.’
    • ‘Parents, concerned for their children's education, relented, and their children and future generations were subjected for the next 40 years to the debasing and debilitating Bantu education.’
    • ‘This compartmentalisation of cultures is trying to divide and reverse the whole outcome of the struggle, reminding us of the old Bantu education which was rejected by all the oppressed.’
    • ‘Macozoma, together with Msutu, helped organise protests during the 1976 uprising against Bantu education.’