Meaning of Bantustan in English:



historical, derogatory South African
  • A partially self-governing area set aside during the period of apartheid for a particular indigenous African people; a so-called homeland.

    • ‘There are obvious parallels with the creation of so-called tribal homelands, or Bantustans by the Apartheid regime in South Africa.’
    • ‘It's not even Bantustans, like in apartheid South Africa, that they have in mind.’
    • ‘They ran the Bantustans and helped administer the Bantu Authorities Act.’
    • ‘White South Africans invented the Bantustans to pen black people into defined reservoirs of labor, being allowed to leave only when working for white South Africa.’
    • ‘You mean, that little spot on the map is not a former Bantustan?!’



/ˌbantuːˈstɑːn/ /ˌbantuːˈstan/


From Bantu + -stan, on the pattern of words such as Hindustan.