Meaning of bao in English:


Pronunciation /baʊ/

nounplural noun bao

(also baozi)
  • A Chinese steamed bread roll with a filling of meat or vegetables.

    ‘the server returned with a plate of bao, some fried rice, and a big bowl of soup’
    • ‘in Chinatown, you can get a bao that is triple the size for less than half the price’
    • ‘You can munch on sweet and sour pork belly or Chinese steamed bao, or even smoked marrow on toast, just to name a few.’
    • ‘The steamed bao are good bets, whether stuffed with five-spice duck and peanut hoisin sauce, or with panko-crusted oysters, kimchi salad, spicy mayo and razor-thin jalapeno.’
    • ‘Then there is Wow Bao with a menu that includes bao (steamed buns) with various fillings and potsticker dumplings, either fried or steamed.’
    • ‘Partygoers munched on Chinese stuffed bao with Cantonese duck, prime rib eye with wild mushroom scone and bearnaise, and paper wrapped halibut with heirloom tomato.’
    • ‘Tthe lively atmosphere at the hotel's restaurant lured us to a tasty and convenient meal of tacos, empanadas and bao buns.’
    • ‘Pork-belly bao is the big seller, a hunk of meat braised in a master stock of star anise, ginger, lemongrass, soy and mandarin.’
    • ‘The beef was served atop a fresh bao bun with some young ginger and shiso.’
    • ‘The Shrimp spring rolls could be more accurately named super crispy tempura shrimp but the shumai was good and the pork bao a nice ratio of savory meat to soft bun.’
    • ‘The second course was Baozi pork buns with enoki mushrooms, melted scallions and black vinegar.’
    • ‘Baozi are my favorite snack when I go to Asia, and I was so tickled to see all the different fillings they had!’


Chinese bāo ‘bun’.