Meaning of bar stool in English:

bar stool



  • A tall stool for customers at a bar to sit on.

    ‘She took a seat on an empty bar stool ordering a drink.’
    • ‘Seated on a wooden bar stool, Selina shook her head slowly with his argument as she sipped from the tall glass of tea Nathan had fixed her.’
    • ‘Taking a seat at the bar stool she ordered an ice water from the man tending the bar; watching as her friends resumed the game.’
    • ‘Micah said nothing as Cole Pulaski took a seat on a bar stool and ordered coffee from Rebecca, the waitress.’
    • ‘Stacie took a seat on a bar stool in the kitchen, as her mother continued to peel potatoes over the counter top.’
    • ‘Tyler looked over at his best friend and brother-in-law seated on the bar stool to his right.’
    • ‘She took a seat on a bar stool and waited for the bartender to assist her.’
    • ‘Find a sofa to slouch in, a bar stool to drink on or private booths to dine, drink or chat with friends in.’
    • ‘I take my bottle and make another painstaking walk through the crowd to an empty bar stool, throwing my bag down on the bench in front of me.’
    • ‘Adam sat on the bar stool at his favourite club having his favourite drink.’
    • ‘She dragged me out of the bar stool and up the stairs.’
    • ‘The Saturday looked to be boring, as Sam and Katherine both sat on a bar stool, heads propped up in their hands and staring at the clock on the opposite wall.’
    • ‘I sat down on the bar stool and put my head in my hands.’
    • ‘Jason was at a small table sitting on a bar stool alone.’
    • ‘Josh slid off the bar stool and gave Jamie a mock salute.’
    • ‘I bet that you never thought I'd leave my bar stool to tell you.’
    • ‘Ice propped herself up on a bar stool and ordered a water.’
    • ‘Rhea had been sitting on a bar stool, watching the conversation.’
    • ‘He finds his way to a bar stool and orders a drink.’
    • ‘Moments later, Tara perched herself on a bar stool at the end of the table after delivering a plate of food to Zeke.’