Meaning of bar tack in English:

bar tack


  • A stitch made to strengthen a potential weak spot in a garment or other sewn item.

    ‘The cord will be looped at one bar tack, with the cord tails at the opposite bar tack.’
    • ‘I go forwards and then reverse over the stitching so that it doesn't come undone, making the bar tack the width between the two lines of top-stitching.’
    • ‘Either choice, bail ring or not, needs to be really well sewn in (if your machine zig zags I would suggest replicating a bar tack, two or three straight stitches across the webbing and two or three zig zag stitches over those).’
    • ‘I made the same baby hems on the slits and did a hand bar tack at the top of the slit to reinforce where that clip was made.’