Meaning of bar towel in English:

bar towel


(also US bar mop)
  • A small piece of thick absorbent cloth of a type used in a pub or bar for wiping tables and cleaning glasses.

    ‘she threw the bar towel in the sink’
    • ‘I simply went to the back hall for a bucket for hot soapy water, grabbed a couple rolls of paper towels and a handful of bar towels.’
    • ‘I have a drawer full of lint free bar towels and each glass is carefully hand dried and "polished" all the way down the stem and to the base.’
    • ‘I always run around the bar carrying bar towels.’
    • ‘Have several bar towels handy.’
    • ‘In place of pump handles, beer mats and bar towels, pubs are turning their attention to blackboards chalked up with wines by the bottle or glass, with tasting notes.’
    • ‘I had a wet bar towel with me to help me breathe and that is probably what saved my life.’
    • ‘He looks like the sort of bloke that just woke up with a beer-sodden bar-towel stuck to his face.’
    • ‘Carmine had left his bar mop on another table.’
    • ‘Dallas was dragging a wet bar mop over the polished wood and glanced up.’
    • ‘He found a stack of bar mops and dried her off the best he could.’