Meaning of barber's pole in English:

barber's pole


(also barber pole)
  • A pole painted with spiralling red and white stripes and hung outside barbers' shops as a business sign.

    ‘Barbers and surgeons went their separate ways in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, but the red stripe down the barber's pole still commemorates this annual blood-letting ritual.’
    • ‘These attractive and memorable signs are, apart from the barber's pole, the only ancient shop signs to have survived into our transient age of plastic.’
    • ‘To prove it, she will soon erect the crowning glory to her Stanway cut and style shop for men - a barber's pole outside.’
    • ‘A white rainbow now forms over him just as he is shot, spun like a barber's pole of whirlwind into a shop's window; just lying there in a bed of pork chops, sausages and veal hearts.’
    • ‘The shop is now boarded up and the barber's pole has been removed.’