Meaning of Barberton daisy in English:

Barberton daisy

Pronunciation /ˈbɑːbət(ə)n/


South African
another term for Transvaal daisy
‘Mite damage to Barberton daisies appears as bronze-coloured spots along the veins of the slightly curled leaves.’
  • ‘In Orpen Camp tall Acacia and Marula trees provide shade for the accommodation huts, set amongst rock gardens vibrant with aloes and Barberton daisies in the flowering season.’
  • ‘In camp, tall acacias and marula trees share the grounds with red bush willows, while small rock gardens overgrown with aloes and Barberton daisies separate the huts.’
  • ‘The Barberton daisy is indigenous to the area.’
  • ‘The Barberton daisy was first discovered in Barberton in 1878 and has great economic value in the cut flower industry especially in Europe, Americas and Japan.’


From the name of a town in the Transvaal.