Meaning of barbwire in English:


Pronunciation /bɑːbˈwʌɪə/

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mass nounNorth American
  • Barbed wire.

    ‘This kind of stuff just makes me pine for the good ol’ days of Bob McNamara and his electrified barb wire fence.’
    • ‘The inside of her house was much like the outside in the sense of the electrical barbwire.’
    • ‘One of these, Pauline Whitesinger, became an enduring symbol of the resistance in 1977, when she chased off a work crew that was trying to route a barbwire partition fence through her grazing land.’
    • ‘I jogged along quietly, save the sounds of my own arms and legs flopping around, and kept one eye trained on the barbwire, looking for any gaps.’
    • ‘The posts were set solidly into the ground, awaiting the barbwire strung along the length of the line.’
    • ‘‘This looks like the place,’ Xandiar said, coming to a stop in front of a building with a barbwire fence around it, standing alone from all the other buildings.’
    • ‘I obediently followed him until I saw a barbwire fence.’
    • ‘Large bunkers and hangers made up the inside of the base with a barbwire fence surrounding the perimeter.’
    • ‘This caused Adrian to acquire more burns, and to fall onto the barbwire fence by his parked truck.’
    • ‘A single tear traveled down his face as he watched the bunny go under the barbwire fence.’
    • ‘The first thing that struck me was the high fences strung with barb wire, electrified and erected around the airport.’
    • ‘One entry suggests that the two countries tear off the barb wire along the demilitarized zone, sell them and use the fund to finance the cost of national unification.’
    • ‘During the Khmer's rule, two folds of iron sheets encased in electrified barbwire to prevent escape enclosed it.’
    • ‘Wearing a ridiculous variation on a goatee, sporting a reverse mullet, and having inked a barbwire tattoo on his pencil-thin bicep, Jack is also the worst interpretation of a college student.’
    • ‘The man didn't see it and it ripped his arms shirt revealing a barbwire tattoo that wrapped around his upper arm.’
    • ‘My folder had a barbwire design on the edges and a beautiful black and white rose with thorns was printed in the center.’
    • ‘Pricklier than a barbwire armchair, Rowse himself might have liked the book.’
    • ‘It happens to be across the barbwire and nobody told him that that barbwire shouldn't be crossed.’
    • ‘Daniel tripped on barbwire and it flew back in his face slicing his ear up severely.’
    • ‘Joe followed the fence line, watching for stray cattle, and any rifts in the taut rows of barb wire.’