Meaning of bardo in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbɑːdəʊ/


mass noun
  • (in Tibetan Buddhism) a state of existence between death and rebirth, varying in length according to a person's conduct in life and manner of, or age at, death.

    ‘If not during one's lifetime, there is a point during the bardo when there occurs a very pure moment.’
    • ‘Until you do, you are reborn in a realm if the root cause for that realm drives you as you transition through the bardo, or the stage between one life and the next.’
    • ‘In other words, live well and become enlightened in the bardo?’
    • ‘When you die you enter the bardo (intermediate stage) and your true nature is uncovered.’
    • ‘After each lifetime they meet in the bardo, the antechamber to eternity, to have their karma assessed and a judgment made against them which will determine the nature of their next life.’


Tibetan bár-do, from bar ‘interval’ + do ‘two’.