Meaning of bark hut in English:

bark hut


historical Australian, New Zealand
  • A simple dwelling or shelter in the bush constructed from bark.

    ‘they found evidence of habitation by the indigenous people, in the form of bark huts, canoes, and squirrel traps’
    • ‘Housing consisted often of a canvas or calico shelter, native pine or bark hut, or a dug-out in the Sliding Rock Creek.’
    • ‘In their haste to get on the land and get going some lived in tents, dugouts or bark huts.’
    • ‘For many years its buildings were at best the roughest wooden slab and bark huts, and many inhabitants lived in tents.’
    • ‘Some lived in bark huts while others lived under canvas.’
    • ‘She emailed this photo of a Bark Hut for the Winter Photo Comp and said that a "tree-hugger lived here for five years" while building another house.’
    • ‘Behold me stretched on the ground in a bark hut in the wilds of Australia, around me five convicted felons sleeping in peace after a hard day's work.’
    • ‘He claimed that a bark hut could be made in a few hours, that it could resist the most extreme weather conditions.’
    • ‘The illustration shows an aboriginal painted bark hut at Bulman Gorge.’
    • ‘A bark hut was built beside the remains of the fire and the four youths told to go inside.’
    • ‘The dancers, painted up in luminous traditional designs, were hidden in a large bark hut at the back of the sand square.’