Meaning of barmaid's blush in English:

barmaid's blush


informal mainly Australian
  • An alcoholic drink of a reddish or pinkish colour, typically red wine mixed with lemonade or beer mixed with raspberry cordial.

    • ‘there'd be no more barmaid's blushes or gin cocktails’
    • ‘a glass of barmaid's blush for me’
    • ‘I calls for a double rum an' sinks it neat, while the toff is drinkin' a ladies' waist of barmaid's blush.’
    • ‘I drank an insipid concoction called Barmaid's Blush.’
    • ‘A certain thing occurred just after he had a "barmaid's blush".’
    • ‘He could not have been drunk, because he swallowed nothing beyond a "barmaid's blush".’