Meaning of barman in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbɑːmən/

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nounplural noun barmen

mainly British
  • A man serving behind the bar of a pub or hotel.

    ‘The night time barman is really really cool and he's extremely good looking.’
    • ‘The doctor begs every barman in Britain to refuse to serve Best alcohol in a bid to help him beat his addiction.’
    • ‘A White Horse barman reckoned that there was no comparison.’
    • ‘Craig Emmott, 33, barman at the New Dolphin pub, said the road was closed off for around two hours as police searched the scene.’
    • ‘Terry, the young Scottish barman, also had a drink problem.’
    • ‘Mr Kangote had earned a reputation of being a very alert barman who would not give wrong drinks nor give incorrect change.’
    • ‘Get Mario, who's been the Badrutt's barman for 40 years, to mix you a martini.’
    • ‘There's a cosy fire, Mrs Moran's husband is tonight's cheery barman and the islanders are friendly.’
    • ‘The Prince was offered a large malt whisky by part-time barman Tom Sharp, who was also a farmer.’
    • ‘A village pub landlord told today how his wife and barman were threatened with knives by armed raiders.’
    • ‘Incidentally I worked as a barman, senior barman and head barman in Cork and Dublin for about 4 years.’
    • ‘Cocktails are large, powerful and pricey, but perfectly prepared by barmen who seem as intense as hit men as they crush the lime and mince the mint for the mojitos.’
    • ‘There are three bars to sidle up to and pro circuit barmen who'll build you any cocktail fantasy from the daiquiri to the iced tea.’
    • ‘The cocktail bar upstairs was great & the barmen made up drinks for us that weren't even on the list.’
    • ‘I'm sure the slow service has something to do with the fact the barmen take about half an hour to mix the cocktails.’
    • ‘Conveniently located above the Anchovie Cafe near Mototanaka Station, the drinks are cheaper than most spots this side of town and the cheery regular barmen don't skimp on the shots.’
    • ‘Service is appalling (gone are the excellent barmen, replaced by ignorant, rude students who have trouble mixing a gin and tonic!).’
    • ‘The drinks meanwhile are exquisite: dashing barmen mix up cool signatures such as the Champagne Martini and the cucumber-infused Mojito.’
    • ‘There were 6 barmen and several bouncers at the front.’
    • ‘Why have two barmen chopping fruit and cleaning glasses whilst the remaining two spend 20 mins struggling to serve a busy bar reasonable time?’