Meaning of barminess in English:



informal British

See barmy

‘It is putting up 26 candidates and, apart from a moderately sensible policy querying the wisdom of allowing the current system of postal voting to continue, it's pure barminess all the way.’
  • ‘What comes across most powerfully in this sumptuous work is the wonder, variety and sheer barminess of mankind's perennially fruitless quest for a truly ideal home.’
  • ‘Sadly these are hard times, we must panic; otherwise David Blunkett's barminess will have been for naught!’
  • ‘However peculiarity is a characteristic of all things Royal, not to say outright barminess.’
  • ‘This kind of artful barminess takes skill and showmanship - something she has in abundance, along with knives, guns, deep-seated conservative attitudes and the most diseased brain since Krang.’