Meaning of barn burner in English:

barn burner

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informal North American
  • A very exciting or dramatic event, especially a sports contest.

    • ‘she won a barn burner of a debate against the party leader’
    • ‘But this governor's race is like - is a barn burner just like the Senate race in South Dakota.’
    • ‘Avedon's got a number of really good posts up, but this one is a barn burner.’
    • ‘My team plays his about 3 times a year, and every game is a barn burner and we take turns winning.’
    • ‘Team manager Erin Macleod called the game ‘a real barn burner.’’
    • ‘Certainly not the barn burner of an album Emperor Tomato Ketchup was, but they still make left wing ideology more danceable than Noam Chomsky ever did.’
    • ‘When Will Varner returns from a protracted hospital stay, he is none too pleased to discover a barn burner in his town.’
    • ‘It's not exactly what I would call a barn burner, but the card is not targeted at the extreme power user.’
    • ‘This is by no means a barn burner, but together with the rest of the system you can even play some simple games.’
    • ‘Even before it was finished, everyone in the agency knew they had a barn burner on their hands.’
    • ‘Opening Pan Am action Saturday with a 74-72 thrilling win over Argentina, the Americans ended up on the short end of an 86-85 barn burner versus Puerto Rico Sunday evening.’
    • ‘N.Y. Jets - Chad Pennington outduels Peyton Manning, and CB Ty Law comes up with two interceptions in Jets' 28-26 barn burner over Colts.’
    • ‘While this Sony Pictures Classics release was not exactly a box office barn burner, The Devil's Backbone is thankfully well served on DVD.’
    • ‘Other tracks like ‘Driving With My Gears In Reverse,’ are lazy and spacey in ways that give the barn burners room to breathe.’
    • ‘Lessig's posted a barn-burner of a blog entry on the fact that the wildly incongruous exit-poll data from the election hasn't been made public.’