Meaning of barn door in English:

barn door


  • 1The large door of a barn.

    ‘He held up his hand in order to silence any dim-witted replies as the sliding barn door swayed and heaved before finally giving way.’
    • ‘Shouting the dogs name, he slid the barn door closed and then peered over the stall door and looked down at her.’
    • ‘Keep the trailer door and barn door open so the animal can peer inside the trailer and get used to it before loading.’
    • ‘You can't close the barn door after the horses are already out.’
    • ‘But when he opened the barn door, Customs officers found hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of alcohol and cigarettes on which duty had not been paid.’
    • ‘Just past the barn door was a large hole in the ground.’
    • ‘As they came through the barn door, he let them have it with a shot gun.’
    • ‘The hail that accumulated at the barn door was so deep they had to use a small front-end loader to push it away from the door.’
    • ‘If I open the barn door, I get a cross breeze in here but it smells a lot like pigeons.’
    • ‘Between rings, the bell wheels squeaked in their gudgeons like an old barn door.’
    • ‘Maria pulled the sliding barn door open and turned on the light.’
    • ‘Their conclusion: for days beforehand we saw the barn door open but it never occurred to us that one hell of a horse was planning to bolt.’
    • ‘She hauled open the huge sliding barn door, and walked to the feed bin in the dark, reminding herself to get her dad to replace the burned-out light bulb.’
    • ‘I take a hammer to the concrete that is keeping my barn doors from closing and develop an entirely new appreciation for stoneworkers.’
    • ‘For me the superstition that made the country folk of England nail owls to barn doors to repel evil forces is detestable and excruciatingly painful to think of.’
    • ‘We arrived back in Greensboro just as a mighty thunderstorm hit and had our last drink of the night watching the lighting and the torrential rain with the back barn doors open.’
    • ‘It caught many unprepared and where barn doors were left opened some serious damage was done to roofing.’
    1. 1.1Used to refer to a large and easy target.
      ‘on the shooting range he could not hit a barn door’
      • ‘You wouldn't make fun of him in a TV commercial; much better to make use of a designer - a far easier barn door to hit.’
      • ‘Maybe next time, the groundstaff here might think of erecting a few barn doors in selected spots for extra target practice.’
      • ‘As Irishman Paul McGinley observed: ‘Seve may not be able to hit a barn door with a driver, but he has an unbelievable short game.’’
      • ‘It's no wonder the US military wanted them out of the army in Vietnam, they couldn't hit a barn door from three paces.’
      • ‘On the plus side, at least Allan Johnston managed to hit a barn door in this game, scoring his first goal for Scotland in the process.’
      • ‘How can our strikers not hit a barn door?’
      • ‘Well he may not be able to hit a barn door but he can hit the back of the net.’
      • ‘You couldn't hit a barn door, let alone a turkey my friend!’
      • ‘Neither side looked like they could hit a barn door in a barn door factory.’
      • ‘I know Georgey White, normally he couldn't hit a barn door with a banjo.’
      • ‘Just yesterday in the sparring range you said it would take me at least a decade to learn how to hit a barn door while holding the handle.’
      • ‘I think everybody has a day or two now and then when they cant hit a barn door!’
      • ‘I used to have a revolver and I could barely hit a barn door with the darn thing.’
      • ‘Billy and my Dad tell me he could hit a sixpence from 30 yards with his head, but couldn't hit a barn door with either foot!’
      • ‘That means Hakan Sukur - who's fallen out with his team-mates and can't hit a barn door from three yards - gets the nod over playboy IIhan, who grabbed the winner in the quarter-finals.’
  • 2A hinged metal flap fitted to a spotlight to control the direction and intensity of its beam.

    ‘If I could do it all over with what I know now, I would get two hard lights with barn doors like the Alzo 800 and two Coollights soft fixtures.’
    • ‘My husband recently purchased an estate at auction, and included was a large case with four lights with barn doors on them.’
    • ‘I am looking at either Arri or Lowel focusable lights with barn doors and scrims.’