Meaning of barograph in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbarəɡrɑːf/


  • A barometer that records its readings on a moving chart.

    ‘An air barograph recorded atmospheric pressures every 1.5 min at a fixed station during the gravity survey.’
    • ‘It was pointed out that approved barographs for badge & record flights have not been updated since 98 / 99.’
    • ‘Maxpunkte allows you to combine your barograph recording with your GPS tracklog.’
    • ‘Except as stated in, a barograph or approved flight recorder shall be used on all record attempts.’
    • ‘In spite of reports from many ships that the barograph was registering an almost vertical fall, the local weather station continued to forecast good weather.’
    • ‘The explosion registered on seismic stations across Eurasia, and produced fluctuations in atmospheric pressure strong enough to be detected by the recently invented barographs in Britain.’
    • ‘Lastly, I think that barographs in varios can be eliminated altogether with the use of 3D GPS.’
    • ‘I would like to see declaration boards and photos gone and GPS / barographs in.’
    • ‘Here are the highlights: you can use any 3D GPS for your badge flights, or a 2D GPS accompanied by a barograph, or even an IGC flight recorder.’
    • ‘2D is all that is needed because a barograph is also required, but not needed to be integrated.’
    • ‘When Icarus finally acquired his Flytec Variometer, at a very affordable price I might add, he immediately noticed the barograph feature and insisted on trying it out that day.’
    • ‘Today I received mail from Flytec in Switzerland with their barograph data format description and forwarded this to Dietrich Münchmeier the author of Maxpunkte.’
    • ‘There is absolutely no need to insist on 3D GPS traces, provided that the claimant can also supply an approved barograph trace.’
    • ‘Flytec Pilots will have loaner barograph equipped instruments available.’
    • ‘The IQ-Compeo is a combined vario, GPS, full fledged flight computer, and datalogger / barograph.’
    • ‘I have also carried out IGC-standard barograph calibrations including for the then UK gain-of-height and absolute altitude records.’
    • ‘There is a need for barograph approval standards.’


Mid 19th century from Greek baros ‘weight’ + -graph.