Meaning of barometric in English:


Pronunciation /ˌbarəˈmɛtrɪk/

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See barometer

‘The anticipated temperature (in Fahrenheit and well as Celsius), rainfall, windspeed, barometric pressure and cloud cover are given, among other parameters.’
  • ‘Yes, we are one of the coldest places in the world… also we have one of the highest barometric pressures,’ he said proudly.’
  • ‘While the average barometric pressure on earth's surface is 1,013 millibars, the pressure at the center of the hurricane is 100 to 120 millibars lower.’
  • ‘Well, for those of you who think we need a barometric reading on how Kerry reacts under pressure, now might be a better time than later, if you know what I mean.’
  • ‘Some track barometric trends and sound an alarm at a preset elevation to prevent you from zipping past the point where you should veer left along a ridgeline.’