Meaning of barrack-room lawyer in English:

barrack-room lawyer


  • A person who likes to give authoritative-sounding opinions on subjects in which they are not qualified, especially legal matters.

    ‘Although Edward Crawford was being humorous in his vision of ‘barrack-room lawyers’ deciding not to obey an order because it was illegal, there is actually a very serious point at issue here.’
    • ‘A few years ago, Radio Scotland's football team began the day as barrack-room lawyers, berating the courts for flinging an unrepentant Duncan Ferguson into jail.’
    • ‘Beate's role was to identify the ‘nice boys’ who would give their all for the team, and weed out the playboys and barrack-room lawyers.’
    • ‘He commented: ‘The only way I want to celebrate is to stop being a self-employed barrack-room lawyer.’’
    • ‘The judge knew a gallant Pole when he saw one and he also - oh dear, oh dear for Mr Blunt, who had elected to defend himself - recognised a barrack-room lawyer.’
    • ‘You do not have to be much of a barrack-room lawyer to spot the holes in this argument.’
    • ‘Note for the barrack-room lawyers out there - yes, we know there are instances where it does this already, but it does so for fairly arcane historical and contractual reasons, rather than as a conscious matter of strategy, OK?’
    • ‘I was a barrack-room lawyer at heart, I suppose.’
    • ‘It is drawn up by the social services department without medical advice but probably with advice from a barrack-room lawyer.’
    • ‘So strictly speaking, there is no such thing as a counsel acknowledged by the court, and anyone who comes before this court as counsel is basically no more than a barrack room lawyer.’
    • ‘It is not just the odd barrack room lawyer who will read such documents.’
    • ‘You strike me as a 'barrack room lawyer', playing semantic games.’
    • ‘I do not wish to come the barrack-room lawyer, but there is a degree of confusion about the points that we are addressing.’
    • ‘"I was spending more of my time being a barrack-room lawyer than a designer, so I decided to do something about it," she says.’