Meaning of barrack square in English:

barrack square


  • A drill ground near a barracks.

    ‘With the hospital overflowing the barrack square was used as an emergency ward and at one time there were four miles of beds in rows on the square.’
    • ‘We still had to march round the barrack squares and we had to be dressed correctly, with nothing dirty or out of order.’
    • ‘Driving past all those compounds and cavalry lines and barrack squares in Pakistan, one can only be shocked by the profound social division they represent.’
    • ‘They had to drill for hours on shadeless barrack squares in hot weather.’
    • ‘The studs, heel-plates and toe-plates, of the ox-blood red boots, designed to knock sparks out of the barrack square spent much time in the more comfortable environment of fields of Kerr's Pinks.’
    • ‘At 6: 00 A.M. a drummer began to beat reveille in the fusiliers’ lines, echoing around the barrack squares so as to wake even Hervey in the next-door quarters.’
    • ‘Superb landscaping of the old barrack squares, including a fine fountain, creates the impression of living in a palace, and maintenance is funded through a service charge.’
    • ‘I stood with some others on the top barrack square and watched the northern sky alight with flames, and later found that it was Coventry burning.’
    • ‘He was, once again, suspended, with Anis, from the pillar in the barrack square.’
    • ‘They learned to put a penny in the magazine of their Lee-Enfield rifles so that the crash of rifle drill echoed across the windblown barrack squares.’
    • ‘Chatham Barracks was centred around the barrack square.’
    • ‘A hundred barrack squares filled with excited men and a hundred sergeant-majors hurried silently through the groups and succeeded in looking as if they were the repositories of the secrets of empire.’
    • ‘The redcoats swung out of the barrack square and marched towards Government House.’