Meaning of barracouta in English:


Pronunciation /ˌbarəˈkuːtə/

nounplural noun barracouta, plural noun barracoutas

  • A long, slender fish of southern oceans, highly valued as food.

    Also called snoek in South Africa

    Thyrsites atun, family Gempylidae

    ‘Both the barracouta and the frostfish are mid water hunters preying on squid and small baitfish.’
    • ‘Hi, I'm interested in catching a barracouta but I'm not sure what lure to use and the price range for them.’
    • ‘A more typical barracouta measures under a metre in length and weighs between 0.8 and 1.5 kg.’
    • ‘Early European accounts support the archaeological view of the major significance of barracouta in this area.’
    • ‘Most of the barracouta or ‘couta’ as it was called was sent to the Melbourne Wholesale Fish market, but some of it was also canned.’


Mid 19th century alteration of barracuda.