Meaning of barracudina in English:


Pronunciation /ˌbarəkuːˈdiːnə/


  • A slender-bodied predatory fish with a long head, found in open oceans.

    Family Paralepididae: numerous species, including Paralepis atlantica

    ‘I see many siphonophores, chaetognaths, even barracudinas, a tomopterid worm zigzags right in front of my eyes.’
    • ‘Some of the most common fishes in the mesopelagic are the barracudinas, small species that have converged on a body plan strikingly similar to the morphology of the great barracuda.’
    • ‘The Ribbon Barracudina has a long, slender body.’


From American Spanish, diminutive of barracuda (see barracuda), which it resembles.