Meaning of barrenwort in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbar(ə)nwəːt/


  • An Old World plant with cup-shaped spurred flowers, cultivated for its colourful foliage. It was formerly thought to cause infertility.

    Genus Epimedium, family Berberidaceae

    ‘Leaves of some barrenworts may also emerge red or burgundy in the spring, then turn yellow or red in the fall.’
    • ‘Bicolor barrenwort is one of the earliest to bloom.’
    • ‘You don't mention if your walkway is in the sun or shade, so here are some varieties for each: I like all of the barrenworts for edging in shade, but Epimedium youngianum stays somewhat smaller than the rest.’
    • ‘The only plant Easy Gardener has grown that really does not allow weeds to come through (and which is handsome enough to use in a garden) is the little tribe of epimediiums, or barrenworts.’
    • ‘Accent their upright stems with low plantings of foamflower, bloodroot, and barrenworts.’